Mandy was awful, cue Barry Manilow

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December 8, 2018 by jacklovelace

Nicolas Cage and Bruce Willis put out an endless stream of straight to video DVD’s. They can actually be quite entertaining but they always fly under the major reviewers radar.

I saw some rave reviews about Cage’s latest, Mandy. 92 percent on the rotten tomato scale. People who actually saw the movie rated it almost 25 percent lower. Uh oh.

Watched it last night. Horrible. Unlike all the other Cage action DVD movies.

This one was a dreamlike endless two hour bad impressionist painting of a movie.

It was so bad I was moaning on what I saw as I began fast forwarding.

Pay way more attention as to whether an audience liked a movie than a critic.

It will increase your pleasure and make a better use of your time.

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