Cahokia Mounds as it should be

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July 29, 2019 by jacklovelace

My brother and I made a trip some years back to Cahokia Mounds, a truly historic native American creation a stone’s throw from St. Louis on the east side in Illinois.

To walk to the top of the great mound and look out is truly inspiring. To think about what took place there is a sobering and fascinating experience.

What wasn’t so hot were the trailer courts and shitty businesses and traffic whizzing way too close.

Over the years Illinois has made an attempt to seal off the site better and give it some of the respect it deserves.

But what is really needed, and what is being sought, it to turn it into a national park with all the resources that could include.

It always baffles me with all the money the government pisses away how we don’t sprinkle just a little into preserving deserving park areas and spending more on those we already have.

I have similar thoughts about Saint Genevieve in terms of national attention and financial support.

I can’t help thinking if the Mounds were near Washington D.C. and Saint Genevieve was

near New York City, they would already be internationally celebrated treasures.


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