Andy look, a game!

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October 14, 2019 by jacklovelace

There are all sorts deep, meaningful comments to about the Chiefs as we diehards go into panic mode.

My shallow irritation is how Andy never looks up from the damn play clipboard during the game. Does he look up when the play is actually underway or does someone whisper in his ear what happened so he doesn’t have to glance away from his beloved board while whispering into with his mouth covered so we can’t steal the play.

At some point, head coaching leadership involves engaging with both sides of the ball on that sideline, positive, negative something.

I think he thinks the endless penalties are just part of the equation for his next mastermind play.

Big picture Andy!

And find it in time to beat the Broncos Thursday. I dread the notion of having to suffer the aftermath in Denver if they take us.

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