Saving Mr. Rogers

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November 20, 2019 by jacklovelace

Really looking forward to the new Mr. Rogers movie with Tom Hanks. We go on Friday when it comes out.

The trailer with the scene where a rainbow of people in a subway car sing “It’s a lovely day” spontaneously to him makes my heart go pitter patter.

But I have to say…………………..

As I understand it, the story revolves around a cynical, troubled Esquire Magazine feature writer who is assigned the task of profiling Mr. Rogers. It obviously changes him and we all feel good.

A part of me believes if Esquire, or another media outfit, went out to profile Mr. Rogers

today it would end up a hit piece, probably carping on some of our current divisive complaints. And if they couldn’t take him down, ridicule him.

Ironically, I thought about this when I read a recent New York Times feature on Tom Hanks, the nearest thing Hollywood has to Mr. Rogers and his decency.

The writer was very uncomfortable with the fact that everybody he talked to loves

Hanks and how Hanks just couldn’t help but come across genuine and warmly smart.

The writer finally, sharing way too much about themselves in a piece not about them,

breaks down and cries over personal issues and Hanks lends a friendly ear.

The Times doesn’t do hit pieces, but what a target Mr. Rogers would make today.

But I’m ready to sit back and smile Friday, and relish the good I experience.

It is some short supply these days.

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