Three summers in Greeley for this famous actor

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January 18, 2020 by jacklovelace

It was the 60’s.

University of Northern Colorado in Greeley had a thriving theater program that included summer productions.

For three summers in a row, a young man from Arizona came to Greeley to perform in a variety of plays. He loved it, learned a lot, tried some daring things, and had a lot of appreciative audiences, he said.

Who was it?

Young Nick Nolte.

This is shared in a pretty much ignored autobiography he wrote a couple years back.

Other than the obligatory mention of the slaughterhouse odor, he has no other negatives that he recalled and those three summers seem to have a warm, fond place in his heart. He does say at one point a buddy had him talked in to leaving Greeley to join the freedom fighters in the south for civil rights, but he decided to stay at the last minute. And he has high praise for the woman who ran the theater department.

I wonder who remembers seeing young Nick on the stage in Greeley?

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