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May 7, 2020 by jacklovelace


  • 0 minutes ago

    Stylish and works in many ways. It was a little to dreamy and vague to earn that fourth star, but tolerable.

  • Like a Boss

    1 minute ago

    Dreadful. Badly written, like chalk on a chalkboard. What a waste of talent and time.

  • VFW
    VFW (2019)

    3 minutes ago

    I wanted to love this movie. VFW farts kick ass! It was enjoyable at times but you could drive a truck through the plot. I was disappointed.

  • Arkansas
    Arkansas (2020)

    4 minutes ago

    Surprisingly good. How did this movie avoid more attention? Really good characters, it had me all the way.

  • Blow the Man Down

    1 month ago

    Boy did this one fly under the radar. Writing, acting, pace, a really smart crime movie with a lot of heart.

  • Black Christmas

    1 month ago

    Maybe the worst woke movie I’ve ever seen. It’s hard to screw up a horror movie. They did it.

  • Uncut Gems
    Uncut Gems (2019)

    1 month ago

    The screaming and the yelling was giving me a headache so I fast forward to the end when he is shot in the head. I wish ill of no one but it was finally blissfully quiet. Critics must love everything unpleasant.


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