More rotten tomato movie snapshots

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July 3, 2020 by jacklovelace


  • The Quarry (2020)

    6 days ago

    Can you say “snooze noir”. When the main character stands with his frozen face saying nothing over and over, you want to cry out “for god sakes just say something”. But when he does it is bland as milk toast. What a waste of Michael Shannon.

  • Da 5 Bloods

    6 days ago

    The bones of the story are good and Spike has real style and a flair for lively scenes. The movie goes on way, way too long, he can never help himself. If he worked with Tarantino the movies would be six hours long. He sure could use someone to tell him less is more.

  • 7500
    7500 (2019)

    13 days ago

    Amazon added a movie Friday called “7500” To call it a hijack movie doesn’t do it justice. It takes what could be an overdone theme, hijackers trying to take over a plane, and approaches it with a whole different perspective. I don’t want to say to much and give it away. But the action focuses on the cockpit as events unfold and it creates a claustrophobic atmosphere that is really effective. Not a perfect movie (one hijacker is so over the top I want to gag him) but way better than I expected and at a time when media is throwing out everything they got during the virus stay at home, including a lot of shit, this was definitely a pleasant surprise. Mary and I were still talking about this morning.


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