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August 13, 2020 by jacklovelace

Hamilton (2020)

  • 0 minutes ago

    Finally to see it. And saved $500 to boot. It is loads of fun. A dynamic blend of history and good music and good staging and storytelling. Interesting that Miranda is actually the least compelling actor in the title role. He isn’t bad by a longshot, but the rest of the cast is that good. A real treat.

  • You Should Have Left

    1 day ago

    Kevin Bacon is good and the first half of the movie is a notch above the horror routine with dialogue and situations. It pretty much descends into an eye roller by the end. Get out of the scary house? Naw. One more night. Still, passed the time ok with Bacon in charge.

  • Greyhound
    Greyhound (2020)

    1 day ago

    Let’s see. Tom Hanks in an exciting World War II sea clash. Talk about an all win situation. And it was. Love Hanks, story is gripping.

  • The Assistant

    1 day ago

    92 percent critics approval? Good God! It was slow and so predictable. And after all the indignities she suffers she has a great case for harassment. So she goes to human resources over a new secretary being hired? Unbelievable. I love Garner and the topic deserves an interesting credible look. This isn’t it.

  • Outback
    Outback (2019)

    1 month ago

    You are so dumb you use just a GPS device to cross the Australian outback. When it doesn’t work well, you leave your car to find a hill at sunset to see if a road is around. Getting lost and the horrors that follow are not surprising. It is based on a true story. Talk about asking for disaster. Eye rolling.

  • The Quarry
    The Quarry (2020)

    1 month ago

    Can you say “snooze noir”. When the main character stands with his frozen face saying nothing over and over, you want to cry out “for god sakes just say something”. But when he does it is bland as milk toast. What a waste of Michael Shannon.

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