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August 7, 2020 by jacklovelace

2 out of five stars

Choppy, disjointed, and ultimately not believable

I have to agree with a lot of previous reviewers. The writing is choppy, scenes
change oddly, the close calls lose credibility. Our heroes move seemingly at will
around Nazi France. Furst has the Paris atmosphere down alright, but everything …

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Under Occupation: A Novel

3.3 out of five stars522
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2 out of five starsVerified Purchase

Too thin to spend any serious coin

This is thin. Real thin. At 132 pages it is more like a pamphlet.
In fairness, when you make a book about a two album brief period of five
superstars, it doesn’t really require a book.…

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The Traveling Wilburys: The Biography

4.4 out of five stars60
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5 out of five stars

I would use this to teach my journalism class: So good

As a lifetime journalist this book floored me. I’m retired from teaching journalism
but I would add this book to my reporting course in a New York minute. The
contrast of Caro’s dedication to doing it right and thorough, to today when storie…

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4.7 out of five stars267
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4 out of five starsVerified Purchase

Warts and all, Rich is here

I remember Buddy Rich from the Carson show. A funny smart ass who could play
those drums.
This books is best at sharing with us just how good Rich was, maybe the best, and…

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Buddy Rich: One of a Kind – The Making of the World’s Greatest

4.7 out of five stars51
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5 out of five stars

Surprise! This is really, really good

Patterson pours out these co-written books like chocolate chip cookies. They just
keep coming, month after month.
Some are pretty good. Some are not so good. Some are awful.…

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The Beach House

4.5 out of five stars749

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