Stand tall Mick!

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August 25, 2020 by jacklovelace

I had read that Mick Jagger had decided to play a role in a movie called “Burnt Orange Heresay” (gee what a great title)

I rented it today from Redbox and it is an artsy movie about artsy fartsy people that is pretty good, since it gets into some dark shit.

When Mick makes his first appearance, I thought he must be barely over five feet. I knew he was taller than that but the male and female leads towered over him.

I was curious about the female lead and when I looked her up I quickly saw she is six foot, three inches!

Mick no longer seemed height challenged.

The movie gets into some heavy scenes of violence and murder, and in an eye rolling scene, a previously whip smart character makes the dumbest decision imaginable.

But what the hell, it has some great visuals of Lake Como in Italy and a mansion.

And has a feature role for one of my all time favorites, Donald Sutherland.

Stand tall Mick!

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