If you already read the new Grisham.

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October 28, 2020 by jacklovelace

I read the news Grisham book A time for Mercy and I liked it a lot.

He finally got off the political and social obsessions that cost him story line in the last few backs. Sometimes it felt like he was going through the story motions.

Not this time. He returns to Jake and Mississippi from the original book that so many loved.

The only thing, a big thank, that nags me is the premise he ends up with.

You’ve read the book so you new a vicious cop gets killed by a young boy after the cop beats his mother almost to death and rapes his sister. They all live with him.

At first, I accepted the community rallying around the cop and his family since the cop’s public face was all good.

But once we realize during the trial what an animal he was, I don’t believe that in Mississippi in the 1990s that a vast majority of the town would want the kid put to death and hate Jake for defending him..

So, it bugs me but not enough to have not enjoyed the return to Jake’s world.

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