Cowboys, what Chiefs?

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October 20, 2020 by jacklovelace

The Chiefs had a nice win Monday. Only two games so I figured I would checkout the cable yap shows.

Unfortunately, the other game involved the Dallas Cowboys.

So as I flipped channels today I saw one Cowboy angst analysis after another.

Now I know there was a time when the Cowboys had all that America’s Team horseshit. Those days are long gone.

I’m curious though. Cable shows are all about ratings. Do the Cowboys draw viewers no matter what else is going on? I suppose.

I avoid these shows usually because of all the yelling and screaming. Can you imagine a point being made in a calm voice?

But I’m a big Chiefs fan and through all the lean years I understand coastal ratings and Cowboys fetishes driving coverage. But The Chiefs are real good and real interesting, even to non Chiefs fans, right?

Before I fled for good one sports show actually spent a few minutes on highlights from Monday’s win. But they got back to the Cowboys as fast as possible.

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