Prune Juice for these horrible people

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November 30, 2020 by jacklovelace

My favorite three people this season on The Crown?

The guy who crashed the Queen’s bedroom, and the two

wonderful special needs sisters the Royals locked away and threw away the key on.

Do you sense how much I like the royal family?

They all look like they haven’t had a bowel movements in years. There isn’t enough prune juice to loosen those tight faces.

How would you like to spend, oh, say five seconds with Princess Anne?

I have a special place in hell for the Queen’s husband, whose voice sends me into a longing to freeze his vocal cords.

If I feel this way, why watch you might ask.

It is a very well done series, great visuals and flow and storytelling.

And when the episodes include sweeps of history, I do find it engaging.

I will finish out the season with a mixture of curiosity and royal dread.

I read where so much of what we see never happened.

I hope Margaret Thatcher never really told her daughter she didn’t love

her as much as her brother because she was weak.

And maybe with all this inaccuracy the Royals aren’t the miserable pieces of shit we see depicted.

Although, what we see may be the best thing about the series. It makes me fool good that I’m not them.

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