First Cow is milked

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January 6, 2021 by jacklovelace

I previously mentioned being amused at the New York Times Top Ten movie list that was mostly composed of films I couldn’t pronounce and wouldn’t see on a bet. One possible exception was The First Cow, a movie I had heard some good things about.

I almost didn’t watch it when the critic called it a take down of capitalism, not my goal in choosing movies.

But it is on Showtime so I took the plunge.

There were things to like.

The story is a good one. A couple guys in the early 1800’s in Oregon begin illegally milking the first cow in the region to make sweet cakes that go like hotcakes at the lonely outpost nearby.

The scenery is good and the depiction of life then seems spot on.

I also liked the ending which I will leave for you to decide if you see the movie.

As for the downside.

It is a critics delight. Filmed with natural dim light and darkness, you can’t see anything for serious stretches of the movie. I just fast forwarded since the story is so slow you don’t really miss anything.

As for the takedown of capitalism, the only thing I can figure is since they stole the cow’s milk to make the money, it illustrated the greedy nature of capitalism?

Beats me. I’ll leave to AOC and the Squad to find meaning that is over my head and holds no interest for me.

Would I put it on a Top Ten list? The year was so screwed up who knows what would be in the top listings in a normal year. But generally, I would not include it

Still, while nobody has as much time as critics, I wouldn’t dissuade someone with a couple hours to kill waiting for the virus to end from giving it a go.

It’s the capitalist thing to do.

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