Law and Order 10 minutes

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January 13, 2021 by jacklovelace

I sometimes get a chuckle when I say nothing is better on tv than the last 10 minutes of Law and Order.

The back and forth elements all come together into an exciting showdown at the end.

While I am hooked on Law and Order, I am, shock of shocks, also picky.

I only watch the original And I have definite favorites.

The show ran for so damn long it is too much to really break it down.

Let’s just say:

Anything with Jerry Orbach as Lenny is gold.

I love the lieutenant.

The original boss, Stephen Hill, always struck me as being one good cough away from death. I much preferred Fred Thompson although I would almost cringe when he would say some version of “My momma told me when you take a chicken…………………………………”

Next to Lenny, Jesse Martin’s Ed Green was my favorite.

The others all fit into a more or less category. I never could figure out why Serena, who hated prosecuting people, was a prosecutor.

Dennis Farina had a nice twinkle in his eye.

And Sam Waterson as Jack McCoy was real glue.

Anyway, when the show is on, and it is always on, I look at the clock to see if it is ten till the hour. And while I’ve seen a lot of the episodes by now, I drop what I’m doing for my ten minute fix.

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