The Little Things a big thriller

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January 30, 2021 by jacklovelace

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This is one of the few movies during the virus hell that would have been really worth the trip to cinema to enjoy it on a big screen.

A thriller, with Denzel Washington in the lead. Not much more to ask for. It is a good story, told well, plenty of twists and turns. Jared Leto is a great villain and Washington is really on his game as usual. It has plenty for you to think about even when it is over, which is all to rare in thrillers these days.

The only complaint, minor, is that Malek is not cast well in the role of the cop working alongside Washington. He just doesn’t fit and he even looks uncomfortable.

That aside, I would have gladly paid the multiplex admission to watch in from the recliner at my local theater, Something I hope to do soon.

By the way, Rotten Tomato critics were very lukewarm on this movie. For people who give a thumbs up to watching people fart for two hours, this would seem odd if I didn’t think they were odd.

Viewer opinions, that I do pay attention to, were good but not great which does surprise me. All I can figure is the dark nature of much of the movie and the not easy answer conclusions might have put some off. I still don’t get it though.

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