Live from……Billings?

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February 1, 2021 by jacklovelace

One of my longest running quips for decades while writing columns and editorials had to do with the location of the major media in America.

Every once in while I would suggest how different news decisions would be if the networks and cable giants were based in places like Fargo ( I had to change it after the movie and tv series made it kitchy (or Minneapolis or Tulsa, etc. You get the picture.

Last week the old news warhorse Tom Brokaw retired. While it didn’t garner much notice, he suggest the media ought to move out of New York and Washington and Los Angeles and try St. Louis, Kansas City or Salt Lake.

While we all know it is never going to happen it would make for a lovely Saturday Night Live skit if they ever got their heads out of their east coast ass.

“This is Jake Tapper reporting from Washington, all of America today is riveted by the congressional hearings……….”

“Excuse me Jake, this is Wolf in Billings. We all had lunch at Applebee’s today and nobody mentioned the hearings. Pissing and moaning about grocery costs, taxes, some other stuff, but nothing about the hearings.

And by the way Jake, you wouldn’t believe how much farther $10 million goes out here when it comes to buying property. Hell I got enough room for a golf course!”


“This is Dana in New York, the big storm that has clobbered the East Coast leads the news this hour……………….”

“Dana, this is Wolf again. Nobody here in Billings gives two hoots about your storm. It is colder than a welldiggers ass here we are using portable heaters to keep batteries warm enough to start.”

You get the picture. These suggestions won’t mean a thing but it would give Tom and I something to talk about.

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