Bull rush to the basket

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April 1, 2021 by jacklovelace

After watching a lot of college basketball recently I reached two conclusions to improve the game.

One, previously noted, it to cutdown on timeouts at the end of the game. Endless relays of who touched a ball before it went out of bounds are bad enough without 5 timeouts in the last 6o seconds.

The other suggestion has to do with charging/blocking fouls.

Somehow it has become popular to make a blind bull rush to the basket and throw up the ball blindly in ope of drawing a foul.

You realize how many close in shots are missed in an average game?

Long gone is the idea of drive, meet opposition, and then pull up for an easy 5-10 footer.

No way. No how.

To at least try and encourage smarter play, I would call very few defensive fouls and I would urge refs to eat the whistle.

If I had a beer for every time someone slammed the ball off the backboard and missed a layup I could be drunk enough not to care anymore.

Till then………………………………………..Skill. Skill.

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