Intriguing sound of metal

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April 3, 2021 by jacklovelace

The only two Oscar nominees for best movie that I hadn’t seen were Father and Sound of Metal.

I’m too damn old to enjoy watching someone with Alzheimer’s for pleasure, and Metal didn’t sound all that intriguing.

But Metal is part of the Amazon package so I watched it and I’m glad I did.

It isn’t a perfect movie. I would not nominate it for best movie. It needs better editing, it leaves gaps that make it hard to follow at times.

But the concept is fascinating.

A heavy metal drummer goes deaf.

The crux of the movie is: Do you make peace with being deaf and become part of the deaf community and live your life to the best that way. Or do you spend the big bucks, get implants, hear, but never hear close to the way sound used to sound.

We see our character go through all of that. The ending is perfect.

Any movie that offers insights like this and raises questions of how you want to live your life, is worthy of respect.

I’m glad I watched.

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