No wine, just whining

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May 15, 2021 by jacklovelace

A review of Holy Cross Winery in Canon City from Saturday. Submitted to Trip Advisor.

We made a reservation for our party of eight for 3:30 Saturday.
We arrived early. We were told it would be about five minutes.
They had three tables for two and one big table setup in the patio, all occupied.
After waiting some 40 minutes when pressed they explained they were waiting for the big table party to leave. They had at least three other big tables that were empty by the way.
Since the party at the table showed no sign of being even close to leaving, we decided to leave.
Obviously, if you are going to have set times with such limited seating, you need to have a time limit on how long the table is available to you.
That is no way to run a business and they showed no sign of particularly caring one way or another.
They wasted an hour of time without one drop of wine tasted.Date of experience: May 2021

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