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November 2, 2021 by jacklovelace

Last Night in Soho (2021) 2 hours ago

Loved the 60’s music. Any movie that opens with World Without Love can’t be all bad. The story got a dizzy in the second half but the ending reveals and scenes were great.

Dune (2021) 1 day ago

This is a really good movie. It manages to be unpredictable, interesting, engaging and a visual delight. That’s not easy.

Antlers (2021) 3 days ago

Good actors, some good scenes, more depth to the story than you often find in these scary movies. With all the smart people involved in doing this movie, they still have eye rolling scenes where the school principal goes alone to the scary house to find a missing father and goes inside even after she smells rotting flesh. And if that isn’t bad enough, she hears noises upstairs, finds a door with seven locks on it, and, while still alone, opens the door. Yea right. Good enough to watch but not good enough to really praise.

The Guilty (2021) 12 days ago

Jake didn’t want to make his character enjoyable to watch or for us to have much sympathy for him. It works. What an unpleasant character in an unpleasant film. Couldn’t wait for it to be over.

Halloween Kills (2021) 15 days ago

I love the Halloween movies. The original is one of the best movies made and while all the sequels don’t reach that level, I watch them all. Halloween Kills is weird. It does offer a return of a lot of original characters from the first movie, Tommy, Lindsey, the nurse with Dr. Loomis. But. Big But. What a ripoff. Jamie Lee Curtis is in the movie for about five minutes, mostly flat on her back in a hospital. I swear I saw a trailer that showed her confronting Michael. Hell, she doesn’t get within miles of Michael. There is a huge mob scene of Haddonfield rising up against Michael only to make an innocent person by mistake. It is like something out of Young Frankenstein and almost as laughable. Not good for a horror movie. If you get Peacock you can watch it without having to pay theater money. As placeholders go in these never ending series, this one is a really shitty one. Jamie Lee ought to be ashamed.

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