Too much of the Beatles?

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November 26, 2021 by jacklovelace

I was all pumped up from the hype about the Peter Jackson documentary on The Beatles.

Started part one last night.

Sheesh. There are real insights and nuggets embedded in the almost three hour opener.

The fun, tensions, creativity, and the first real look at how
The Beatles can be just as banal and quarrelsome and nice as all of us. Humans. Ringo mostly watches. Harrison mostly doesn’t want to be there. McCartney is overbearing and Lennon is enigmatic.

But Jackson includes endless pieces of music noodling and chatter that doesn’t go anywhere.

I was so surprised at how underwhelmed I was, I looked up the reviews. As usual the critics were falling all over themselves with endless time to watch this. But a few did find it tedious and overblown. My favorite was one critic who basically said ” by the end of the movie, if I had to hear one more version of Don’t Let Me Down I was ready to throw up.”

This reminds of me of those deep dive recordings for fans who cannot get enough.

I’m a big fan but I can get enough.

I will multi task through the remaining five hours and the hour I haven’t even finished from part one. There really are fascinating bits. George Harrison’s overnight creation of “I, Me, Mine” was fascinating.

Sometimes things can be fascinating and get the job done that take four hours instead of eight.

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