Non disclosure is so wrong

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June 10, 2022 by jacklovelace

The journalist in me has always chafed about secrecy when public officials are terminated or let go and everyone declares personnel issue and clams up. It is public taxpayer money and we should get some details.

My newest piss off is at Colorado State where the college president is leaving halfway through her term.

She gets full money for the entire term, over a million, and both her and the college czar have signed non disclosure agreements where neither one can say anything bad about each other ever.

What the hell business do public employees have signing non disclosure agreements that involve taxpayer funds!

It rankles me and in the past the only way we learned anything was through media digging.

With neutral media investigation at a record low, a topic for another time, a lot of these secret decisions just go unchallenged.

Really wrong.

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