Nope Nope Nope Nope

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July 24, 2022 by jacklovelace

I was curious to see the new Jordan Peele movie Nope.

I thought his movie “Get Out” was really interesting, clever, funny and filled with suspense.

Nope has none of that. Even with the sci fi groundwork, it has little humor, clever social commentary and good scares.

To say it is just ordinary is being kind.

If you are going to see it, don’t read further.

The climax builds to alien being destroyed by a flotable that brings to mind the Pillsbury Dough Boy

from Ghostbusters. If intentional, it is lame.

I doublechecked when I got home. Critics are raving. Masterpiece, a new triumph for the most brilliant

filmmaker going, the new Spielberg.

I don’t see it.


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