Unforgiven from start to finish

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July 21, 2022 by jacklovelace

I had read the description of “The Forgiven” and knew I would not be a fan.

But at a Redbox rate with Fiennes and Chastain in lead roles I was curious just how bad it would be.

Real bad.

Rich people gather in the desert to have a party in Morocco treating the locals like insects and acting


A drunken Fiennes hits a young Moroccan in the road on the way to the party.

The young mans dad comes to claim him and insists that Fiennes go with for the burial.

Now what are the chances this rich prick would actually go? None. So of course he goes.

After teasing you that bad things will happen to you, he returns back to the drunken, drugged

up Europeans safely.

He then decides to go back to civilization in the middle of the night, at which time

a young man the dad convinced to kill Fiennes does so in the middle of the road with Fiennes

saying ‘please do it”.

Why in the hell would you make a movie like this?

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