Emily the good criminal

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August 15, 2022 by jacklovelace

Aubrey Plaza is terrific as “Emily the Good Criminal”.

The movie covers her attempt to make money and survive.

Some reviewers saw the movie as biting social commentary and an assault on capitalism

Fortunately my pea brain didn’t record much in the way of heavy handed pushing by the makers.

She is loaded with student debt but they don’t dwell on it. The opening scene where she is grilled about her criminal past by an employer seems phony, and a bigger scene where an advertising agency at the last minute explains to her the job is an unpaid internship seems unrealistic. Her best friend works at the agency, arranges the interview, has the person she would replace show her the ropes, and doesn’t think to mention the job doesn’t pay? Sheesh.

It is also outdated since things have changed so much since the movie was written, Aubrey could get a good paying job if she were a convicted axe murderer.

That aside, Aubrey is interesting, tough, believable and gets into some fascinating illegal activities.

I enjoyed her mostly and the movie enough.

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