Why are these cars lined up?

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December 30, 2022 by jacklovelace

In the world of journalism not doing its job the examples are just too plentiful.

An obvious one I observed in person this past week at Denver International Airport.

Waiting for our family to arrive we went to the cell lot on a subzero day to get the call to come to the arrival area.

When we got the call we were amazed at literally a mile of cars just waiting on the side of the road to approach the terminal.

Waiting for a call but not using the cell lot? Too impatient to use the lot? Were the garage and economy parking full and they were waiting to get in?

The cell lot was very busy but it still had spaces. The shuttle lots were full so the pressure on the garage and economy lots must have been intense.

After the mad scramble to pick them up we once again marveled at the near endless lineup of cars.

So what was the deal? Beats the hell out of me.

The media just focused on the Southwest clusterfuck and nothing on airport conditions outside the terminal.

Now I know the Denver Post is a worthless shell of the paper, running more New York Times stories than local. The Denver Gazette is an online paper that tries harder and was the most likely to cover it, but I didn’t see it. The tv stations are doing standups inside the terminal and showing boards and Southwest fuckups. God Forbid they actually do a report from along the 1000 cars spread out along the road.

It is ironic that when the yapping on Twitter and other social media is endless, real media shrinks at a time when we could use them more than ever.


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