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April 4, 2023 by jacklovelace

I just finished a book called “Oscar Wars.”

Lots of stories about conflict, the evil Harvey Weinstein, the long track record of racism and sexism.

One example was the year when Shakespeare in Love beat Saving Private Ryan for best picture. Let that roll around in your mind for a few minutes.

The book details Weinstein’s sleazy buying of the oscar for a mediocre film.

But it never really deals with the quality of the film.

A more interesting book would be about the biggest mistake in best picture winners and those that got robbed.

It got me to thinking about a most obvious Oscar category. I don’t know the shorthand name for the award but it would go to the

movie most likely to be the most watched and popular in 10 years.

I can barely remember the name of some the obscure winners, much less ever want to watch them. It doesn’t mean they weren’t well done are done artfully. It just means I’m not interested.

Meanwhile, to use the previous example, Private Ryan is on constantly and still can draw a tightness to the throat at the final scene.

Shakespeare in Love? Invisible.

This year the winner would surely be Top Gun, while this years winner (If I could remember the name) will be invisible in ten years.

Hollywood can celebrate art and still give good-popular a place on the trophy case.

And maybe even increase ratings for the show.


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