Nothing wrong with happy

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May 17, 2023 by jacklovelace

We got back recently from a family trip to Disney World.

I was watching a cable story today on a fight breaking out at the Magic Kingdom. There are many stories to be told about the cost and frustrations all the things to complain about. (The cleverest t-shirt of the entire trip was a guy on a character brunch whose shirt simply said “The most expensive day of my life.”

But none of that is what I remember the most. A family member during one of our discussions after a day of rides and laughs and fun said they thought it was so sweet to see adults in costume or matching shirts, laughing and having pictures with characters. And the endless families laughing together.

I though so too.

I remember walking into the hotel lobby one day with an older woman in a wheelchair next to me with a birthday hat on.

A Disney worker came our way, did a full stop, and wished her happy birthday. She smiled.

And then he broke into a full blown Elvis rendition of Happy Birthday that was so sweet. She beamed and said he sounded like Elvis.

It makes me smile to even tell it.


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