Times story that doesn’t get the job done

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August 17, 2012 by jacklovelace

I was reading the New York Times story titled “Tentative Pact Reached In Strike at Caterpillar”.

I have no stake in the story, just reader curiosity.

Writer Steven Greenhouse explains how the local union is strongly against the new contract and much of the story uses quotes from the local leader.

The company didn’t want to comment so I get that it makes it harder to do the story.

The national union leader is quoted briefly, but there is not much about just what is in the contract. What would a worker typically make and what are the health benefits, things like that.

As a result, the reader doesn’t get a chance to try the “what would I think” scenario, since the story is so negative vague on balance.

More information about what life would be like under the contract might still leave us expecting rejection.

Instead we get a story with a tone but not helpful information.

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