The event with no start time

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August 26, 2012 by jacklovelace

I keep noticing the media saying “admission begins at 2 p.m.” for the visit by President Barack Obama’s to campus at Colorado State University Tuesday. But never when the event is actually going to take place.
It dawned on me they’ve been asked to not give exact times because of security, or nobody will actually tell them.
I guess this level of secrecy is ok although it strikes me as a little odd.
But why wouldn’t the media explain to readers why this is an event without a starting time? They could say “we’ve been asked not to say”, “nobody will tell us”, or “organizers claim they don’t know”, but at least it would be sharing their timid vagueness.
This may be the first public event in history that has no actual start time.

This is just one minor example of a common beef I have with media. The public can accept why we aren’t being told something, but we not only can handle the why, we deserve it.


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