A president comes calling


August 29, 2012 by jacklovelace

While I was curious about the coverage of the first ever visit by a serving president to Fort Collins, I wasn’t curious enough to get caught in traffic.

So it was off to Cinemark to stay cool and catch a movie (Hit and Run, talky and mediocre is putting it kindly).

When I pulled into the lot I expected the usual wonderfully empty midday movie experience. Instead an army of older people was shuffling if not marching into the theatre. The disabled parking slots were all jammed. The line to buy tickets was almost out the door.

What the hell?

Then it dawned on me “Obama 2016”, the movie that I understand predicts a very dim future if the president is re-elected, was playing. Safe to say when I said “One for Hit and Run” I felt like the loneliest man in the world.

The contrast with the young, enthusiastic supporters on campus a few miles north at Colorado State University on the quadrangle just outside my old office, was obvious and interesting.

I read accounts today in The Coloradoan and The Collegian about the presidential visit and the coverage seemed fine to me.

In the interest of balance, stories pointed out a small Romney counter rally across campus, differences from four years ago when Barack Obama visited, or even interviews with some folks who weren’t Obama supporters.

It struck me the best sidebar story would have been, particularly for The Coloradoan, to have someone interview these people attending the anti-Obama movie while the president was in town. That would have been juicy.

A few final observations about the coverage.

I thought the coverage of the visit in The Collegian under the direction of Allison Sylte was excellent.

I thought it was odd the Coloradoan had no story in the Monday print edition that I could find. I don’t think there is a good excuse for that.

The Coloradoan did note Wednesday in a good story that President Obama spent the night at the Marriott before leaving Wednesday. That is a lot of time in the Fort for a president of the United States. I hope there is a followup Thursday about encounters, security, details, even if it just from the Marriott if he didn’t venture out. After all, by the calendar we might not get another sitting president to spend the night for another 200 years or so.

Last thing. I posted previously about how the media kept saying people could get into the rally at 2 p.m.while never giving the time of the rally. To her credit, Elisabeth Willner of The Collegian on Monday noted it would be at 5.

As I’ve read, the president actually spoke earlier than that, indicating the start time was always a moving timetable, thus the reluctance to be specific. Still, sharing a time frame is better than no time frame at all.

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