Trouble With “Trouble With The Curve”


November 5, 2012 by jacklovelace

Clint Eastwood. Amy Adams. Baseball.

How do you screw it up?

They did.

Tedious and unbelievable, the movie is mostly a drag.

The plot is built around deciding if a young kid deserves to be the top pick in the baseball draft.

Everybody goes ga ga for the kid except for the almost blind scout Clint who can hear he has bad hands to hit a curveball.

Today, with all the detailed scouting, no one would see his problem hitting a curve until the Hollywood climax where he can’t hit one? Gimme a break.

I love Clint and Amy Adams is always good to watch.

They whiffed on this one.

Two stars.

One thought on “Trouble With “Trouble With The Curve”

  1. John Winkelman says:

    what a great find @ I can get movie reviews for the shows I want to see but never have the time for, and I can find opinions on other topics from a source I trust. Great to get your note in the mail today Jack.

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