Front Range North gets the shaft as usual on third lane for I-25

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November 5, 2012 by jacklovelace

Colorado highway officials say I-25 north will be widened to eight lanes by 2035.

Gee, that’s a brisk deadline.

What is needed, and should already be, is a third lane in both directions from Hwy. 66 where it now ends, north to Fort Collins.

Priorities in the Front Range do not include anything north of Denver. Just look at the permanent stall on an outer loop to the mountains or how long it took to get a third lane as far north as Hwy. 66.

It is very, very dangerous with the current traffic load to be in brake light traffic with only two lanes in one direction on I-25 north.

No politician should ever get a vote without taking a serious oath to get money flowing north for I-25.

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