Mr. Skin and special “Spirit”

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December 16, 2012 by jacklovelace

I just read today that Ed Cassidy, drummer for Spirit has died.

My son, who loves music, once asked me what the best concert is that I ever saw.

My mind raced through years of concerts. You would think the big names, the big concerts, would top the list. And for sure, my first Springsteen marathon was amazing.

But I told him my favorite all time concert memory was when his mother and I went to a small concert venue in St. Louis to see Spirit.

As memory serves, we had gone to Westport Plaza and the theatre they had that seats a few hundred people, to see a show that included Spirit but featured Iron Butterfly. Spirit was great.

So they came back after that as the headliner, with Randy California out front and “Mr. Skin” on drums.

They sounded great and played those terrific Spirit songs, from Nature’s Way to Mr. Skin and Fresh Garbage.

It was one of those nights where a couple hundred absolute fanatics made up the crowd. We knew all the songs, we loved all the songs, and the band knew it. One, encore, two encores.

I’ll always remember Randy almost mumbling “this is the best night of the tour”.

They actually ran out of material, did one final cover, and we still stood cheering while they took a victory lap, touching hands and saying thanks.

When you connect with the music makers on the level reached that night, the joy and craziness, it’s why music matters so much.

So thanks Randy and Ed.

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