Reacher movie ok on its own terms


December 21, 2012 by jacklovelace

I was laying for this movie.

Tom Cruise is not Jack Reacher, right?

And even as I generally enjoyed what I did see, I would nitpick.

Cruise returns a plate of food that is mostly full. Reacher always eats whatever is in front of him, you need the fuel and you never know when you will eat again.

Cruise drives like the greatest stunt driver. Reacher is a self-described average driver.

Ok. If you just take what is on the screen and make no real Reacher linkups, it is pretty entertaining.

I will never stop thinking that a real Jack Reacher movie  is needed, one that frankly would be an almost cerebral movie with flashes of action. And a big guy on the screen.

But if you keep things separate, this was entertaining enough.

Three stars for his movie. No stars for giving us the real Jack Reacher.

One thought on “Reacher movie ok on its own terms

  1. steve baska says:

    Good review. Glad to have your input. I’ll cruise in to see this
    film, even though Tiny Tom is a reach for this role.

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