Hasting and Marlowe are as bad as it gets

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December 28, 2012 by jacklovelace

Watching a Nuggets television broadcast with Marlowe and Hastings is like torture. Altitude should be ashamed to have these two on the broadcasts.

They start early, complaining about the referees. It goes on and on, building to a point where the game becomes secondary.

In Hastings world, there are usually 50 bad calls against the Nuggets and 2 against their opponents over the course of a game.

If you played a drinking game every time Marlowe said “no call” or Hastings said “bumped” or “Lawson is really complaining” you would be drunk by halftime.

Can you imagine wasting precious time telling us a player is complaining about a call? Gee, that has a lot of credibility.

The good announcers call the play and what is working or isn’t working. They mostly ignore officiating since it usually takes care of itself. And once you stop complaining, it is like an infection.

I love it when the Nuggets are on national television. Foul complaints become invisible, the focus is on players and the plays.

I usually turn the sound down by halftime, unable to listen to constant chatter about fouls and officials.

I watch a lot of sports and I have never seen homer announcers as obsessed as these two with fouls and officials.

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