A story or a sales job: Denver Post this time

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June 11, 2013 by jacklovelace

In my post about the failure of the Denver newspaper to offer some basic information in stories about a new flight to Japan, it reminded me of a recent story and chart that made a different kind of sad point about the state of media.

The Post had a story about how college professors in Colorado are underpaid compared to other schools in the nation.

They put together a chart. Sounds good, right?

The only problem is the chart compared Colorado State, UNC, Metro State, etc., to Princeton and U Cal Berkeley and a couple other top echelon schools. Gee, those salaries were a lot higher. Why not throw in a Weber State or New Mexico or any of dozens of other “comparables”.

Were the people who did this out to prove the point about salaries, or to do a serious examination or the premise?

That kind of journalism, sloppy and more interested in selling us than examining the issue, is offensive.

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