Purge is disappointing, but

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June 11, 2013 by jacklovelace

I saw Purge. I had heard enough to know the fascinating premise isn’t matched by a disappointing execution of it. An America where there is no crime except for one night a year when anything goes, is an interesting setup.

The critics were right. I actually groaned in spots as family members disappear and reappear at shock points that are so predictable it is laughable.

Still, I enjoyed the ending along with the premise, and as as I walked out I realized

this is the rare movie that would be much better with a sequel.

If you plan on seeing the movie and haven’t, don’t read any further.

At the end, the mother spares the lives of the neighbors who were going to kill her.

As we know from the premise, nobody can do anything to each other for the next 364 days. Imagine the tension and exchanges during that period! All leading up to the next purge night when anything goes. Who will seek revenge? Who will purge?

An actual second chance to get it right.

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