Gravity works on all levels


October 8, 2013 by jacklovelace

I love a movie where there is nothing to complain about. All joy.

It’s a good story and it is visually spectacular.

I have only read two complaints about Gravity. One has to do with some

technical flaw which I could care less about.

The other complaint is about the “corny” dialogue.

Not only is the dialogue not a negative, it’s a plus.

In those kind of stressful situations faced by Clooney and Bullock, the warm fuzzies make all the sense in or out of the world.

And I’m not a 3D fan at all. This is the first movie really worth seeing in 3D since Avatar. And while I can do without tools floating at me, the scope of space in 3D is a real wow factor that adds to the film. (I offer a little more on 3D in a separate post)

This movie gets all four stars. Because it is such a tight two character drama, it probably won’t draw many multiple watches in the future by me. (I’m on my 200th viewing of Armageddon and Independence Day)

But that doesn’t detract at all that on first viewing, this movie was as good as it gets.

One thought on “Gravity works on all levels

  1. jonnyhavey says:

    “I love a movie where there is nothing to complain about. All joy.” Your opening line could not be better or more true. I literally have no complaints for this movie. There is nothing wrong with it. Even the dog barking scene had its place as a release of frustration. I have attached my review if you are interested:

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