Dreading Captain Phillips

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October 15, 2013 by jacklovelace

I wish I were looking forward to seeing Captain Phillips.

It is right up my alley, an action, suspense movie with Tom Hanks.

But the director is in love with constantly moving handheld cameras. I had to

avert me eyes through much of his movie about the passengers who fought back on 9/11.

Skimming through reviews of Captain Phillips there are many references to his “restless” camera. As a person who is prone to getting sick from those whipsaw cameras, I approach seeing the movie with dread, which is a shame.

It isn’t like they have to give you flailing shots every second to tell the story well.

It is ironic that Gravity, a movie that could have someone like me ready to throw up from camera movement, didn’t give me any problem. There was a stead hand for my point of view, while all around was moving.

If only Captain Phillips held such promise.


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