McElwain way wrong on freshman speak policy

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November 18, 2013 by jacklovelace

This letter was sent to Terry Frei of the Denver Post about the policy of the football coach at Colorado State that no freshman be allowed to speak to the media, ever.

Really good column on McElwain’s no interview policy for freshmen.
I thought it was too extreme last year when he wouldn’t let the excellent freshman kicker speak to fans and the world.
The policy is so goofy he had to make an exception to let a freshman who was a victim in the theater shootings who won an award speak about it. That’s ridiculous.
Coaches like control and have concern about freshmen pressures and popping off, but isn’t that part of the job of the coach and
the university to help them learn how to handles themselves in this world?
I mean they aren’t 12!
No one else has said it until you. Believe me you speak for many I believe who are outside the media.
Thanks again.
Jack Lovelace

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