Monuments Men is dreadful

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February 10, 2014 by jacklovelace

I had glanced at reviews that were tough on Monuments Men, but I wasn’t prepared

for the derivitive dreck I had to watch.

From the opening inappropriate music to the Saving Private Ryan ripoff ending that was ridiculous, this movie really sucks.

With all that star power, how did they go this wrong?

The most painful parts are when Clooney stops the movie to pontificate and lecture us on the value of art. It happens about three times and I was groaning by the third. That’s bad movie making. Show, don’t tell!

But apparently no one was around to tell Clooney no.

At the end of the movie in a scene that has no basis in real events, Harry Truman asks Clooney if saving the greatest art treasures in the world was worth the lives of two monument men. I’m not kidding. Clooney of course has all the right answers.

How bad is this movie? The best scene has Bill Murray in a shower with tears streaming down his face as a recording plays a message from his family at Christmas.

It doesn’t have anything to do with Monuments Men, which is probably why it was so good.


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