USA Today looks foolish


March 6, 2014 by jacklovelace

I glanced at a big headline on page one of USA Today this week (at $2 a copy I don’t buy it).

The headline said “Putin Blinks”.

I did a double take. Putin on that day had made some swarmy statement that Russia has no intention of invading anyone, they are simply helping out neighbors and countrymen.

Now a reasonable head could be “Putin Winks”, but “Putin Blinks”?

Next up for USA Today must be “Ukraine please with Russians lending a hand in Crimea”.

Seriously, whoever wrote that headline should never write another one.

One thought on “USA Today looks foolish

  1. Fil C. says:

    I could not agree more. These journalists are just hoping so badly that Obama will come out on top of this and look like a strong leader that they will stop at nothing, including telling flat out lies to make him look “in charge”. This is difficult to do when you have a man come into office and immediately go on around the world Apology Tour to tell anyone who will listen that he wants to apologize for how mean and hateful the United States has been to them.

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