TV series creed: An end before you start

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July 13, 2015 by jacklovelace

I am more convinced than ever, the media people need a new plan on series programming.

Write the whole thing before you even show the first episode.

If it takes three seasons to tell it, do it.

If it can be done in one, do it.

I love the Walking Dead but if you told me it had another couple years max, I could handle it.

It is funny if it wasn’t a little sad how greed takes a decent or sometimes and excellent story and runs it into mediocrity and then shit to make more bucks down the line.

The examples are endless.

Under the Dome was an interesting Stephen King book, worth a two hour movie, a mini series, or even a one season run. Greed has pushed it into a joke. We just quit watching.

You can go on and on.

The way it works now is a series starts of strong with decent ratings. As the ratings go down in the following season or seasons they are forced to have a “final season”. By then it usually has become so tortured it doesn’t carry much punch.

Works based on books are particularly in need of a short life span, but even material written for the series needs a lifespan that can match viewer interest.

Impossible? Greed always win?

You can already see attempts like “The Detective” on HBO to tell a different story a season. I believe we will see a lot more packaging of books and original materials into a set life because it will draw more viewers sooner and keep them longer.

To never have to watch a series bloat for money again would be a wonderful gift.

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