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June 25, 2016 by jacklovelace

The headline today in the New York Times reads “Rebellious voters lash out against elites”.

One of the unfolding realities about this is that the rebellion applies to the person writing the headline. And more importantly, just about every talking head you see

in the news and to some extent, the entertainment business.

Up until now, typically a politician would face hostile questioning and deflect and dodge, but rarely fight back. On the occasions we have seen the interviewer turn on the interviewer, it has played well with the rebels.

I think we are about to see a whole new round of this, given the hostility to the media.

CNN host: politician, why are so opposed to ___________(fill in the blank.)

Politician: “Why should I answer that question. You don’t like me. You don’t like my politics. You are going to vote for my opponent. Everything you ask is aimed at helping who you support.”

Then denials and bickering until the interview fizzles out.

You can insert Fox, MSNBC, any news outlet into the scenario. You can even insert

talks shows.

I think you are going to see frontal verbal assaults on the media. Anderson Cooper, I won’t talk to you until you tell me who you voted for last time? Or what is your personal position on this issue?

(It will be interesting to see how the print media handles this assault. How will a New York Times reporter handle an interviewee who only wants to talk about the reporter’s politics. Will they print that? Bury it? Ignore it?)

The media doesn’t help itself. These big names on television live very good lives, are very well paid, and they ain’t flying coach.

And every survey shows they are overwhelming Democrat and Liberal, which makes this battle seem to be conservatives under assault by mainstream media that doesn’t really like them.

But you could easily have a Democrat on a Fox show lashing out and asking the very same questions and making the same accusations of the Fox questioner. (In all fairness, there ought to be a survey of the political leanings on Fox to view along with the New York Times, NBC, etc., etc)

There was a time when the journalist was safe behind the wall of “objectivity”, asking the questions the people want asked.

Those days are gone. The flamboyance and drive for ratings have journalists filling the role of commentator more than reporter quite often. They have become fair game.

When this becomes all out combat any time a question is perceived as hostile, and I think we’ll see it this year, it will change the way things play out in the media.

And I don’t now what that will lead too.

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