Deepwater nail and tech talk

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October 2, 2016 by jacklovelace

Deepwater Horizon is really an engrossing movie. Good characters and action, Peter Berg is a fine director.

All this praise despite two complaints, one of some substance and one that is scary small.

All the technical talk we don’t understand bothers some critics. I didn’t mind that. I did

mind that the explanation that Wahlberg’s kid gives us on what daddy at the start of the movie is so confusing it just makes us even more confused. This movie gets a bad grade for breaking down technical.

The other nit? All movies have continuity people who make sure one scene follows another in what people are wearing, where they sit, what you see, etc. I’m sure they are paid good money.

Kate Hudson, Wahlberg’s wife, has fingernail polish on while she nervously gets cut off from a Skype as the disaster begins.

When we next see her at the hospital, presumably within 12 hours or so of the disaster, she has no polish. I just don’t see polish removal as a priority on her part as she rushed to see her surviving hero.

I think it more likely involved filming on different days.

It’s hell to notice things like that.

Good movie though.

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