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May 10, 2017 by jacklovelace

Some of these are on this site but others are just from me on Rotten Tomatoes: The stars have been eliminated from my ratings but the words speak for themselves.

Why has Dom become bad? Good enough to move us through this movie and quite well I might add. I could care less about the car chases but the story itself was smart enough to keep this franchise engaging.

The Circle

Emily Watson as the dumbest person in the room? Why would anyone raise their hand and say “excuse me” when an Apple like company not only wants to end all privacy but make voting mandatory? How the hell do these people get money for these scripts, and find quality actors to say the words? A painful insulting movie.

Personal Shopper

Classic dissonance between critics, 81 percent, and viewers, 54 percent.
Murky disguised as meaningful and actually empty. Slow long stretches with a good scene here and there. I was rolling my eyes during the endless text exchanges that led nowhere. And Kristen Stewart unrolls her mumbling, awkward persona that doesn’t make anything better.

The Zookeeper's Wife

Wasted opportunity, long slow boring scenes between lively scenes that are not especially well told or believable. The ending is actually groan worthy, which is a shame since the story is such a potentially good one.

Kong: Skull Island

Not a very creative storyline. The Samuel Jackson character is totally over the top. It barely squeaks out a third star for John C. Reilly.

The Founder

The movie is provocative, fair, and leaves much to think about. Fascinating story. Keaton is terrific.

Miss Sloane

The most depressing two hours and 12 minutes of the year. Spending that much time with a monster is not what I would call entertainment. And she has plenty of company in the despicable category with other characters. Ugh.



It certainly gets points for being smarter than the typical alien movie, and I was engrossed until toward the end. When the answers start coming I decided I was either too dumb to appreciate the murk, or two smart to accept it.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

These are fun movies if you can ever get over the fact that the character of Jack Reacher created in the books has absolutely no physical relationship with Cruise and almost no connection with his actual conduct. I can’t.

The Accountant

Critics are too tough on this one. Good story, good acting, keeps you engaged. This is one “setup” movie that has earned the sequel

Florence Foster Jenkins

An offensive movie. Sucking up to a rich woman and pretending like she has talent when she doesn’t, is hard to take. I would rather have not.



Flawed but watchable. First half really entertaining in the setup.
Kate Mara always interesting. As things unravel in the last half, a character becomes eyerolling unbelievable. Ended strong though.

The Conjuring 2

What I like about this movie is how it avoids a lot of the horror eye roll cliches like disbelievers (well there is one), and the time to make the characters real and let us care about them. Good job.

Independence Day: Resurgence


More dumb than good. It wasn’t a painful two hours but it wasn’t much of a thrill. We are offered the promise at the end that the third entry will have our heroes take on the universe to defeat the evil. Pray it doesn’t happen.

Now You See Me 2

Visually it didn’t have me wanting to flee, but storywise it is weak and not particularly engaging. Lizzy Caplan made it more bearable, just as Jesse Eisenberg makes it painful.

The Boss

The Boss(2016)

I cannot believe Melissa McCarthy would make a movie this bad

Eye In The Sky

Aaron Paul was awful. No military outfit would let a wimp like that work their way into the system that far. Not believable


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