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June 10, 2017 by jacklovelace

I bought the Joe Buck book “Lucky Bastard”.

I was curious to see how much St. Louis was in the book. The answer is lots and lots, which is good for me, not so much for Jim in Seattle. I also presume he and the publisher know where most of the buyers will come from.

The book is honest and has plenty of anecdotes, some really good. I always thought

of Buck as coming of a little awkward and insecure, and the book reads that way at times. It also has all the Jack Buck you could ever want, which is ok with me.

But I also think he is ok as a broadcaster. The considerable hatred towards him is

interesting to me, since I find him on the bland side.

I also never thought of him as a major St. Louis homer, although apparently the rest of America does.

I do have to say I have always found it comforting to have him and Costas and McCarver on broadcasts involving the Cardinals.

If you are a St. Louis sports fan, the book is definitely worth a read, particularly if you get it off the bargain bin, print or electronic.


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