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June 11, 2017 by jacklovelace

A world of tweets all at once:

Free outdoor concerts need a section labeled “For people who actually want to listen”



Starting new season of House of Cards. Yuck.



Fort Collins gift to the world……..Nita Crisp!



The Americans has nothing left in the tank.



Bosch and Fargo are as good as it gets



Putting Phil simms in a studio is like moving a bad cold from one person to another



Onion still rocks



Nobody deserved getting removed more than Phil Simms. Just the thought of hearing him makes me shudder.



North Carolina laid more bricks than a bricklayer and still won. Sad in a way.



Gallinari kills the Nuggets.



Refs taking five minutes to decide who touched a ball last going out of bounds is painful



The walking dead has little to do with the walking dead anymore, and it is even better



Moving first game at new CSU stadium to Aug. 26 is ok, with a better opponent. But will the tv money people set start time for 9 p.m.?



Last action movie that didn’t ripoff Jaws with a variation of “we are going to need a bigger……”



Last sci fi movie that didn’t have the line “everything you’ve been told is a lie”



Rule number one. There should never be a major construction project on shields and college at the same time.



Everything is too late in the eastern time zone



I know someone who would not only keep Anderson at Mizzou but give him an extended contract. Jeff Fisher.



Homeland starts as a drag, too much Peter in pain



James Patterson is going to release a book a day in 2017.



Phil Simms not only master of the obvious but gutless too



CDOT to add third lane from Denver to colo springs. Not one word about it being a toll lane like Fort Collins. We are getting screwed



Live music at the DIA arrivals is a very nice touch



Four Christmases is a fun movie to watch this time of year



Could the lead characters in Man in the High Castle be any more boring?



Kroenke heard me



Based on Kroenke reasoning, he should extend Fisher’s Rams contract another year after the team quit Sunday.



Just when I was ready to walk from Walking Dead, they set up “fight back time”. Just in time.



Nagin chews scenes like the hungriest actor around.



Jeff Fisher is the luckiest man in America.



Just in. Scott Hastings finds 43 bad calls against the Nuggets, 3 against opponent. Colossal homer.



All national news media companies should move headquarters to Fargo. Clear the fog.



8:15 p.m. is too late to start a college football game. An opinion from the old side.



Negan milks a scene so long in Walking Dead you sometimes think the picture has frozen



Has a home crowd ever thought it isn’t pass interference on the other team?



Chances of tape actually in the machine for a gas charge printout? 50-50?



I’m in a desperate race to avoid coverage of the presidential election and the Cubs. So far I’m losing but more determined than ever.



Trent Green is a horrible color commentator. Master of the obvious, never offend. Player shill



Targeting should not only be an ejection, it should be a 30 yard penalty. It has to stop.



An 8:15 p.m. start for the Border War game is silly late….TV rules, fans lose.



New Potter book makes for tough reading as a play.



Jeff Fisher must have some incredible pictures of Kroenke



Sully is a kind of love letter to New York City, and a good one.



Hush on netflix. Best horror movie to not make the multiplex in a long time.



Hell or High Water….Oscar nomination worthy



Captain Fantastic. A movie to make you think.



As much as I would love it, CSU is not going into Big 12 any time soon



Making a third lane a toll lane in northern Colorado is offensive. Where else is the third lane a toll on I25.



Why do managers wait so long to take out starting pitchers being hammered? Game over.



If you like current, cutting edge spy drama, give Daniel Silva a try



I like Ray Donovan but when you bet that Liev is not paid by the word



When Andrew Zimmer says something is “an acquired taste”, it means you and I would throw up.



Story should be in the all star game



For out of market fans, is a great bang for the buck



A Yale Professor and Wesleyan Administrator Debate the Limits of Free Speech on Campus – The Atlantic by

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  1. stevebaska says:

    Amen, brother about the free concerts.

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